lorena (ms_bollweevil) wrote,

cats and cake.

shandy: now you know all my secrets
me: we should just break up
me: no more mystery in our relationship
shandy: are you dumping me?
me: its not you, its me.
me: only its really you
shandy: i can change
me: : how so?
shandy: well, clothes
me: thats a start
shandy: and that thing i can do where i can transmorph into any other mammal is pretty cool too
shandy: but you never seemed to care
me: no, i really like that
me: i like it when youre a baboon
me: red asses turn me on
shandy: you're sick, you know that?
shandy: SICK
me: whatever do you mean?
me: you like it
shandy: ee-ee-ee-oo-oo-oo
me: hahaha
me: i love you
shandy: sure you do, buttbag
me: whats a buttbag?
shandy: you know, bag o' butts
me: that makes sense
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